Tap into your plant based fitness goals 

Learn how to accurately fuel your body with plants with Cassandra Rubino


Muscles by plants 1 on 1 coaching

Learn the basics of nutrition

  • Learn the basics of how to fuel your body for your workouts on a plant based diet 
  • Customized  nutrition plans. Never eliminating any food out of your diet 
  • Step-by-step tutorials
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Tired of walking around the gym or searching youtube for workouts to do? 

  • Combined with your customized nutrition, you'll get workouts to get you your goals faster than ever
  • You will be provided with at home workouts OR gym workouts depending on availability 
  • Whether you're trying to lose weight or gain these workouts will get you to your goals 


  Full body transformation 

Give your hair show-stopping strength and shine.

  • Mindset training - tapping into what's stopping you
  • Never hit a plateau again
  • Get results just like Trina here
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What customers are saying...

“ I lost 18 lbs. I have always struggled thinking I need to stay away from carbs and eat meat in order for me to see changes in my body but working with Cassandra has taught me I can be vegan and eat carbs and still get to my goals.”

Abby White

“When I switched to a vegan diet I went from 205 to 199. Then with help from Coach Cassandra and my workouts I went down to 187.5

Mark Kahanding

"When we started working together I mentioned my biggest goal in gaining a healthy lifestyle was to be able to grow our family. And we did it! I'm PREGNANT!!!! I know that I wouldn't be in this position today without your guidance.”

Diane Durfee

Get to your goals today!


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