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Helping vegan's and plant based fitness goers get fit without fad diets or restricting foods!

Customizable Fitness FOR YOU

Whether you're looking for one on one coaching or help with meal prepping, Muscles By Plants has got you covered

One on one fitness and nutrition coaching

Build muscle and burn calories while learning out to fuel your body properly with the right nutrition for you, along with workouts to get you tip top shape. Guaranteed 12-30lb loss in 90 days! 

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Free weekly trainings 

Weekly I tackle myths about the fitness industry. Help you figure out how and why you haven't been hitting your fitness goals and do live Q&A's with you so you can start taking action to your goals NOW! 

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Plant based meal prep course

 A Step-by-step blueprint on how to uncover your meal prep strategy, getting in your daily protein needs, spending less time in the kitchen all without breaking the bank! 


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Hi, I'm Cassandra!! I've been in the fitness industry since 2010 years! I've been vegan since 2017. I have a passion for helping others get fit and staying that way! 

-Featured on Beachbody's 645

-Crossfit Games Regional Judge

Need a little help getting started?

Here are a few tools you might be looking to help you on your Plant Based fitness  journey

Free Vegan Macro Cookbook

Looking to go vegan or incorporate more plant based meals to your menu but have now idea where to start? Check out my ebook cookbook, pack with different  meals loaded with protein carbs and fats

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6 fitness secrets every vegan needs

Feel like you're on the hamster wheel with your fitness and nutrition goals? Do you feel like you have no idea how and where to get started to really see actual change for all the hard work you're putting it?

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The best part about Muscles By Plants is the hands on experience you get with me and my team. Muscles By Plants really want to get your to your specific fitness goals. How we do that is being able to connect with each persons needs individually. So if that sounds like something you're looking for book a call with us and let's get you started! 

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